Best Testosterone Boosters in 2019

best testosterone boosters
TestoGen is a testosterone supplement that can give your overall health and wellness a major boost as it helps your body increase its testosterone, and Human Growth Hormone, levels.

What Does TestoGen Testosterone Booster Do?

As you age, your body starts to feel a definite decline in its vitality: you start feeling fatigued on a regular basis, your hair and skin lose their luster, and you feel a lot weaker than you ever have before.

All of these typical side effects of aging occur because your testosterone levels rapidly decline over time, depleting your body of most of its vigor and vibrancy.

This is where TestoGen steps in to help you out: this supplement has the power to replenish both your testosterone and your testosterone levels through its powerful formula.

How TestoGen Does It

TestoGen contains the ingredients powerful enough to restore your testosterone and testosterone levels, but each ingredient is also gentle enough to do so safely.

One of the most important parts of the TestoGen formula is L-DOPA. A natural extract from a plant native to both Africa and India, L-DOPA plays the crucial role of helping your body boost its testosterone levels by stimulating your body’s testosterone secretion. L-DOPA also helps you feel younger and fitter by helping you lose weight by curbing your appetite, helping you resist cravings and feel fuller for longer.

TestoGen also relies heavily on the ingredient Divanil, a powerful compound developed by researchers to increase the body’s testosterone levels. Divanil actually enhances your body’s free testosterone by preventing that free testosterone from binding to SHBG, or sex hormone binding globulin.

When your free testosterone binds to SHBG, your body can no longer use it to promote muscle mass, to increase strength, or anything else; it is thus extremely important that you keep your free testosterone from binding to SHBG so you can use every bit of testosterone in your body to its maximum potential. Divanil works within TestoGen to do just that.

TestoGen also contains extracts from the powerful ingredient Maca Root. Also known commonly as Peruvian Ginseng, the Maca Root is an all-natural extract that effectively and efficiently supports the glandular system of the body.

Maca Root also has the ability to give your sex drive a boost; it also provides your body with a major boost to its energy as well as its stamina, helping you push yourself harder than you have been physically able to for years.

Do We Recommend Buying TestoGen?

TestoGen does contain some very effective ingredients that have been proven to work both safely and efficiently to boost your body’s testosterone and testosterone levels.

However, we are unfamiliar with other ingredients found in TestoGen, and for this reason, we are hesitant to give this supplement our wholehearted seal of approval.

Benefits of Testosterone and Its Disadvantages

Testosterone is used to increase the height of small children but experts discovered also that it can help adults as well. It is said that testosterone can make adults feel younger, healthier and have a more active and better life once they start taking testosterone. When a person reaches the age of 30, the production of testosterone slows down as a natural part of aging. Using testosterone to replenish the lost hormones is effective but are there any pros and cons of it? This is what you are going to learn as you continue reading this article.

Pros of Using Testosterone

Pro # 1: You can purchase testosterone by prescription.

This medication is available as somatropin and somatrem. They are both injectable. Before they are used to treat children who have hormone deficiency but recently adults have started using testosterone supplement form to delay their aging process and to increase energy.

Pro # 2: testosterone has improved the life of elderly people.

This is according to the book “Secrets of Longevity” written by Dr. Maoshing Ni. The most important thing in here is that it provides them anti-aging treatments. It supports the frail and elderly by making their bone stronger, repairing their body tissues, healing and improving brain functioning. testosterone on the other hand increases energy and metabolism in general.

Pros and Cons of Using Testosterone Booster in General

Con # 1: It may change a person’s quality of life adversely.

According to Mayo Clinic, some studies show that the use of high doses of injectable testosterone slightly reduces body fat and that it increases bone density and muscle mass too. These researches are uncertain as to how these changes affect the quality of life and overall strength of an individual. People are hoping that using these supplements will cause them to stay young and energetic but still the ability of testosterone to slow down the aging process is not yet clear.

Con # 2: There are risks of using testosterone boosters.

Although there are some benefits of testosterone, there is also an increase in the risk of cancer. This is according to Dr. Ni. He also stated that he only recommends testosterone to those patients who do not respond to diet, nutritional and herbal supplements as well as natural stimulation like exercise and acupuncture.

Con # 3: There are dangers unless one is careful in buying testosterone supplements.

There are many products that are sold in the market as growth hormone stimulants but there are no proofs or evidence that’s why you need to watch out. Remember that FDA does not approve supplements before they can be sold. It is better to consult your doctor first before buying any testosterone booster supplement.

According to Dr. Ni there are other ways of stimulating the pituitary gland aside from using human growth hormones. One is through exercise and he also suggests that after exercising, you must eat foods that are rich in gama aminobutyric acid (GABA). This is a good substitute for growth hormone and can be found in soy and other beans, nuts, seeds, eggs and seafood. The mayo Clinic also recommends regular exercise. In this way you can not only save money but can get comparable testosterone benefits as well.

6 Reasons Why We Need Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone is produced by the pituitary gland and the main function of this hormone as the name implies is to stimulate growth and cell production among humans. It increases height, muscle mass, keeps bones hard and healthy, controls sugar levels and insulin levels from getting too high or too low, help in calcium retention in the body, reduces body fats, helps immunity against various diseases and another benefits that can keep us healthy and fit as we were in our younger years. Here are other reasons why people need testosterone in their bodies?

Why People Need Testosterone in their Body

Reason 1: testosterone plays an important role in child’s growing stage.

It enhances the body’s development such as increases height and development of tissues as well as organs. Since production of testosterone decreases at the age of 30 and continue to diminish as a person ages, we need testosterone to replenish the lost ones. The reason that lies behind this is that, increasing one’s hormones can reduce the signs of aging.

Reason 2: It provides a number of benefits to the body.

People with testosterone deficiency can have increased muscle mass and bone density, reduced body fat and increased exercising capacity through using testosterone. testosterone can also help decrease muscle wasting among individuals who are suffering from AIDS or have HIV diseases.

Reason 3: It reduces age-related diseases.

According to a study conducted by Dr. Daniel Rudman as published in “The New England Journal of Medicine” (1990), increasing testosterone levels can reduce a lot of age-related diseases. He conducted his studies among 21 men whose age ranges from 61-80. He picked 12 among these men and had them injected with testosterone and the study shows an age reversal of 10-20 years with increased lean muscle and adipose mass.

Reason 4: It can help treat testosterone deficiency.

Deficiency of testosterone causes somatopause and is associated to aging. You can detect somatopause by its symptoms such as memory problems, sleeping abnormalities, reduced energy, loss of lean muscle, bone density loss, increased body fats, decreased libido and slow healing. Low levels of testosterone will result to other signs of aging which includes osteoporosis, gray hair and wrinkling. You can treat all of these with the use of testosterone.

Reason 5: It can be obtained naturally.

For those who are interested in increasing their testosterone, they can do so naturally through making necessary dietary changes. They should eat foods rich in amino acids so that their testosterone will increase. They can get L-Lysine from poultry, eggs, pork, red meat, cheese, fenugreek seeds, soybeans and nuts. L-Ornithine rich foods include fish, meat, eggs and dairy. L-Arginine comes from whole wheat products, fermented foods, raisins, sesame and sunflower seeds, nuts, chocolate ad popcorn.

Reason 6: You can use testosterone in different forms.

Besides changing your diet to increase your testosterone, you can also try the following testosterone supplements. They come in various forms such as injections, oral spray and pills. Among these 3, injections are considered the best form but it requires a prescription and it is too expensive. Sometimes it costs you $3,000 a month. Testosterone boosters and oral spray are less expensive and easier to administer. Whatever method you choose however can surely help you bring back the lost youth.


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